Thinkfree Office v2. Update

The latest Thinkfree Office v2. update includes the following fixes or improvements: 



- Common

+ fix for handling browser tab close event in Chrome version 80 or newer.  XHR asynchronous processing is used when unloading instead.
+ improved security by enhancing secure file open URL and parameters



- Word

+ fixed various synchronization errors when deleting characters after navigating downwards with arrow key

+ fixed XSS security issues in read-only mode

+ various other bug fixes



- Cell

New Feature

+ new Data Validation feature was added. This feature allows users to create validation rules for cells to ensure that input values adhere to a certain rule set.




+ added feature to change conditional rule priority (via arrow buttons)



+ fixed script error when expanding auto filter area
+ fixed error when merging cells containing sparklines



- Show


+ Increased presentation file open limitation from existing 100MB to 200MB

+ improved presentation loading performance

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