Starting a collaborative editing session

Collaborative editing is a very productive and effective way to work together in real-time on a document simultaneously. All changes from collaborators are shown to each other immediately as they happen.


You can get started with 3 easy steps.


1. Share a document with other collaborators

 First of all, you need to share the document with other collaborators by clicking on the "share" icon .



Then you need to invite specific users as contributors to the edit session.


Finally, you should initiate the editing session by clicking on the "edit" icon  and then selecting "Edit Online."  The editor loads and locks the document and then allows subsequent collaborators to join this existing edit session from now on.



2. Join a live edit session

After a collaborator accepts the invitation mail, he can go to the "Collaborate" > "Shared with me" menu and see the shared document in the file listing.

He can join the collaborative editing session by clicking on the "Live Edit" icon .



Once in the live edit session, every collaborator can see each others' changes and also contribute edits in real-time.  The color cursors show the highlighted initials of co-editors as well as what they are working on.


In Write:



The upper right shows the number of active collaborators.


The drop-down menu shows the full list of collaborators.


Throughout the editing session, all changes are autosaved periodically to the WorkDocs storage as a draft.  While a live edit session is in progress, the draft version in progress is not shown on the "preview" page.  


3. Save a new document version

When the collaboration session is over, and all editors have exited, the document is unlocked and saved as a new version. Finally, the preview is updated with the latest document version.



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