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Thinkfree Description
Autosave     Automatically save your latest changes periodically to the file storage.
Copy and paste     Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste content (Ctrl + V). 
Undo and redo     Undo (Ctrl + Z) or repeat a series of actions (Ctrl + Y). 
Insert/delete rows and columns     Add/remove spreadsheet rows or columns. 
Hide/unhide rows, columns, and sheets     Hide/unhide row(s), column(s) and sheet(s) in a workbook. 
Drag and drop cells     When you mouse-over the cell border, the mouse cursor changes in the form of an arrow. Then you can move the cell value to another location by dragging and dropping it. 
Merge/unmerge cells     Combine selected cells into a larger one or split combined cells into smaller ones. 
Find and replace     Use the Find and Replace tool to find/replace specific text. 
Autocomplete     Only functions in the used in the same column are autocompleted when the text is entered in the cell 
Offline viewing and authoring     Using the editor requires an internet connection. Offline viewing and editing are not available. 
Save as and download a copy     You can save a copy of your document locally. 
Font and cell formatting     Font type, text color and text size are customizable.
Number formatting     Change the format of the number to different date, currency, decimal places etc.
Conditional formatting     Viewing conditional cell formatting is supported, but you can not apply or edit conditional formatting. 
Tables     You can insert tables, edit table text, add or delete rows/columns. 
Charts     You can create various chart types such as Column, Stacked Column, Line, Bar, Stacked Bar, Scatter, Pie, Exploded Pie, Doughnut, Area, Stacked Area, Radar, 3D Column, 3D Stacked Column, 3D Bar, 3D Stacked Bar, 3D Pie, 3D Exploded Pie, 3D Area, 3D Stacked Area. 
3D Charts     You can input and view the 3D Column, 3D Stacked Column, 3D Bar, 3D Stacked Bar, 3D Pie, 3D Exploded Pie, 3D Area and 3D Stacked Area chart. 
PivotChart and PivotTable reports     PivotTables and PivotCharts are not unsupported feature. If you open a document containing either feature, the document will open in View mode. 
Hyperlinks     You can insert a web address links into a cell.  
VBA and macro scripting      Advanced features like macros and VBA are not supported. 
Freeze panes     Freeze panes, top row, first column is available. 
PowerPivot viewing      Not supported. 
Power View viewing     Not supported. 
Functions (approx. 400)     Data input via a formula bar is available. You can hide or show the formula bar via the View> Formula Bar menu. 
Auto Sum     The Sum function is automatically input when the Auto Sum button is selected, and the Auto Sum function that inputs the cell address is not supported. 
Data autofill     When mouse hovering at the cell handler position, the mouse cursor changes to the + shape, and the Auto Fill function is activated by mouse drag and drop.  
Sort and filter data     After setting a Filter, select Filter icon, and then sort A to Z and Sort Z to A are available. 
Data validation     Data validation to restrict the type of data that can be entered into a cell is not currently supported. 
External references or data connections     You cannot refer to cell contents in another spreadsheet using external references nor data connections.
Refresh existing data connections     It is not possible to refresh data from external sources. 
What if analysis tools     What-if analysis tools such as Goal Seek, Data Tables, Solver, and Series are not available. 
Status bar aggregates     Status bar aggregate functions (SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT) are not currently supported. 
Real-time co-authoring     Multiple users can edit the same spreadsheet simultaneously. If more than one user is editing the same cell, the last edit will overwrite the previous ones. 
View and add comments     You can view the existing comments within a spreadsheet, but you can not edit or insert them. 
Sharing     Document sharing is available via the WorkDocs site. 
Password protected spreadsheets     Password protected spreadsheets cannot be opened. 
Sheet/cell range protection     It is not possible to protect sheets/cell ranges. 
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