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MS Word




Autosave     Automatically save your latest changes periodically to the file storage.
Clipboard     Due to technical limitations of web browsers copy and pasted text in web office may differ from the behavior in the desktop office. 
Undo and Redo     Undo or repeat a series of actions. 
Find and Replace     Use the Find and Replace tool to find/replace specific text in a document. 
Offline viewing and editing     Using the editor requires an internet connection. Offline viewing and editing are not available. 
Save As and Download a copy     You can save a copy of your document locally. 
Font formatting     It is possible to choose different font types, font sizes, and various font formatting attributes such as bold, italic, underline, and superscript. This also includes highlight text, font colors, and clearing the formatting of the selected text.
Paragraph formatting     You can align the paragraphs to the left/ right/center, indent or outdent, and adjust the line spacing. 
Bullets and numbering     You can choose from 6 bullet styles or 6 numbering styles. You can change the list level for existing lists in the document by increasing/decreasing the indent. 
Lists     Typing below and existing list will automatically include the subsequent line in the list. 
Rich table formatting     Rich table formatting includes pre-set table styles, header rows, and columns settings, and shading are not supported. 
Apply styles     You can apply paragraph and character styles stored in the document to text. 
Themes     Preformatted font/color schemes are not supported. 
Tables     You can insert tables, edit table text, add or delete rows/columns. 
Distribute rows/columns in table     You can evenly distribute the cells in the table. 
Merge/unmerge cells in table     You can merge and unmerge cells in a table. 
Online pictures     Images can be inserted using URLs or files stored on your local hard drive. 
Picture tools     You can change picture border color, position, size order, etc. 
Shapes     You can insert shapes and also set the background color, border type, and color for the created shape. 
Textboxes     Easily add text boxes and change the color of the text, the inside fill color, or the border color. 
Equations     Equation objects are not supported. 
SmartArt   View only SmartArt cannot be inserted or edited, but existing SmartArt within a document is shown. 
Rich media     Rich media such as video or sound files cannot be inserted. 
VBA and Forms scripts     VBA and form script objects are not supported. 
Headers and footers     You can insert headers and footers into your document. 
Page breaks     You can insert page breaks. 
Page layout tools     In addition to adjusting the margins and paper size, you can also adjust the placement of pages horizontally or vertically in the document. 
Page numbers     Page numbering is supported. 
Alignment guides and gridlines     Rulers and gridlines are not available. 
Bookmarks     You can insert bookmarks into your document. 
Table of Contents     You can view the existing table of contents in a document, but you can not create or edit one. 
Citations and bibliography     Viewing or editing citations or bibliographies is not possible.  
Footnotes and endnotes     You can add footnotes and endnotes to your document. 
Hyperlinks     It is easy to create bookmark links within a document. 
Real-time co-authoring     Multiple users can edit the same document simultanenously. 
Track changes     Advanced collaboration features such as track changes, document merge, compare, and join are not supported. 
View and add comments   View only You can view the existing comments within a document, but you can not edit or insert them. 
Sharing     Document sharing is available on the WorkDocs site. 
Password protected documents     Password protected documents cannot be opened. 
Mail merge     The mail merge feature is not supported. 
Proofing tools     A spellchecker is not currently available. 
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