Unsupported features

The following features are not currently supported while using Thinkfree Office to edit documents online.  Documents containing any of the unsupported features listed below will be opened in Viewer mode to ensure no data content corruption can occur.  




Please note the images below are intended to describe each of the features that are not supported. The screenshots are captured from Microsoft Office 2016.


Thinkfree Office Word

Track Changes

Documents that contain tracked changes can be edited but when the document is loaded, track changes will be turned off, and all changes will be accepted (i.e., a clean copy).

Track Changes in Microsoft Word



Multi-column text layouts are not supported.



Enclose Characters

Enclosing characters for emphasis is not a supported feature.



Custom Asian Layouts

Documents containing compound Asian characters or mixed character layouts cannot be opened.


Linked text boxes

Documents that contain linked text boxes that allow text to flow from one textbox into another will be opened as read-only.



Picture effects (saturation/tint adjustment)

Documents that contain pictures with saturation or tint adjustment effects will be opened as read-only.



Page colors with patterns

Page colors with background fill patterns are not supported.



Word Art (text transformation effects)

Word Art text transformation effects that warp text into different paths or orientations are not supported.



Phonetic fields

Documents that contain phonetic fields are opened as read-only.




Thinkfree Office Cell

Spreadsheet with a large number of formulas

Spreadsheets that contain more than 10,000 formulas can't be edited in a browser and will be opened in view only mode.



What-If Analysis

Spreadsheets containing usage of What-if analysis tools including Scenarios, Goal Seek and Data tables cannot be opened.



Workbook password protection

Password protected workbooks cannot be opened.



Password protected cell ranges

Spreadsheets containing specific password protected cell ranges cannot be opened for editing.



Pivot charts

The pivot chart feature that is usually used to display pivot tables visually is not supported.



Pivot tables

Spreadsheets containing an advanced feature such as Pivot Tables are not supported.



Thinkfree Office Show 

Embedded fonts

Presentations that include embedded fonts in the file cannot be loaded and edited.

 Photo album


Photo album

The photo album feature is not supported by Thinkfree Office Show.



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