Presentation headers and footers


Create or edit a header or footer to put on the slides. There are repetitions for each page at the top and bottom of the slides, which are called Header and Footer. With headers or footers, you can insert a slide number in the presentation document or enter the date and time automatically.

Set slide headers/footers

  1. Run Insert > Header/Footer.
  2. When the Header/Footer dialog box appears, select the Date/Time check box, select Enter manually, and then enter the date and time.
  3. Select the Slide number check box.
  4. Select the Footer check box and enter the content manually.
  5. Click Apply All to apply the content to all slides.

More Information

Header/Footer Dialog Box


Display date/time information on the slide.

  • Update

    If you set the date/time by specifying the display format and language, the date/time information will be updated based on the time when the document is opened.

  • Display format

    Select from various date/time display formats.

    The type of Display format differs depending on which Language is selected.

  • Language

    Select one of the supported languages ​​from the list.

  • Enter manually

    Enter the date and time manually.

Slide number
Display the slide number on the slide.
Set the footer to show on the slide and type the content of the footer.
Apply All Button
Apply the specified content to all slides.
Apply Button
Apply the specified content only to the currently selected slide.
Cancel Button
Close the dialog box without saving changes.
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