Formatting presentations

Modify Text Properties

This feature allows you to choose different fonts and define their characteristics to modify text to enhance the appearance of your documents.

You can choose the font type, size, and other effects, such as bold, underline, and superscript.

Change a font

To change a font:
  1. Select the text that you want to change its font.
  2. Click Format-Font Name and select the font you want to apply.
    Or select the font by clicking on font.png  on the toolbar.

Modify text properties

To modify text properties:
  1. Select the text to be modified.
  2. Click the desired properties on the properties menu font_properties.png  in the toolbar. Or, click the desired one on the Format menu.


Modify Paragraph Properties

You can greatly improve the organization and readability of your documents by applying paragraph formatting.

You can specify alignment, indentation, and spacing.

Modify paragraph properties

To modify paragraph properties:
  1. Select the paragraph to be modified.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • To modify paragraph alignment, click Format-Alignment and then one of the alignments you wish to apply to the paragraph.
    • To change the line spacing of the paragraph, click the Line Spacing icon_line_spacing.png icon on the toolbar and then select the value of line spacing from the list.



You can increase or decrease indentations of the selected paragraph.

Set indentation

To specify indent or outdent:
  1. Select a paragraph to modify its indentation.
  2. Click the Format menu.
  3. Select Increase Indent or Decrease Indent.


Align/Autofit Text Box

Aligns text horizontally or vertically within a text box.

Horizontal alignment determines how the left and right edges of a paragraph fit between the left and right margins of a text box, while vertical alignment determines the placement of the text between the text box's upper and lower margins.

Align text vertically

To align text vertically within a text box:
  1. Position the mouse cursor on the text box that you wish to change its vertical alignment.
  2. Click Format-Vertical Alignment.
  3. Select TopCenter, or Bottom depending on your purpose.

Align text box horizontally

To align text horizontally within a text box:
  1. Position the mouse cursor on the text box that you wish to change its horizontal alignment.
  2. Click Format-Alignment.
  3. Select Align LeftAlign Center, or Align Right depending on your purpose.

Autofit text box

To adjust the size of the text or shape based on the contents entered into a text box:
  1. Position the mouse cursor on the text box that you wish to change the autofit option.
  2. Click Format-Autofit and then select the desired autofit option.
    • Do Not Autofit: Turns off the automatic resizing.
    • Shrink Text on Overflow: Makes the text reduce in size to fit within the text box.
    • Resize Shape to Fit Text: Increases the size of the shape vertically so that the text fits inside of it.


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