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Show/Hide Toolbars

Depending on where you launch the editor, the layout will sometimes show/hide the toolbars.  By clicking on the "Show/Hide Toolbar" menu button, you toggle the visibility of the toolbars.



The toolbar provides quick and easy access to the most common functions.  You can change font styles, insert objects, change the layout, and conduct basic operations such as copy & paste or zoom in/out.




Freeze Panes

Freezing panes locks certain cells in place while allowing other cells to be scrolled through, allowing you to view and edit large amounts of data while keeping the titles on screen.

Freeze Top Row

Perform the following to freeze top row only.
  1. Click View and then Freeze Panes-Freeze Top Row.
  2. Click View and then Freeze Panes-Freeze Top Row to unfreeze the top row.

Freeze Panes

Perform the following to freeze the cell where is selected.
  1. Select a cell where you want to freeze.
  2. Click View and then Freeze Panes-Freeze Panes.
    Or click the Freeze Panes icon_freeze.png icon on the toolbar.
  3. Move over to the cells to check the cells are frozen. The frozen cells are always displayed on the screen.



You can display or hide cell gridlines on or from the sheet.

Hide Gridlines

Perform the following to hide gridlines from the sheet
  1. Select the sheet from where you want to hide gridlines.
  2. Click View-Gridlines.
  3. Click View-Gridlines again to display gridlines on the sheet.


Formula Bar

You can use the formula bar to enter a value or formula into a cell or chart.

Show the formula bar

Perform the following to display the formula bar on the screen.
  1. Click View and then click Formula Bar.
  2. The formula bar appears above the column heading.

View the formula

Perform the following to view what type of formula or function is used.
  1. Click the cell where you want to view what formula or function is applied.
  2. Check the formula or function on the formula bar.



Task Pane

Provides useful menus organized in various icons for easy access. You can display or hide the task pane within the editing window.


It is convenient if you can see the task pane while editing, but you can also hide the task pane when you need to see the whole edit screen.


Show the task pane

Perform the following to display the task pane on the screen.
  1. Click View and then click Task Pane.
  2. The task pane appears on the right of the screen.

Use menus in the task pane

Perform the following to use menus in the task pane.
  1. Click Insert-Image or click the Image icon_picture.png icon in the toolbar.
  2. Click the button to search a file under Computer on the Insert Image dialog box.
  3. Browse the file you want to insert then click the Open button on the dialog box.
  4. Click the Insert button on the Insert Image dialog box.
  5. Insert more images that are overlapped.
  6. Press and hold <CTRL> and then select each image.
  7. Change the order of overlapped images by clicking the icon under Arrange or adjusting the size of the images under Size on the task pane.

The task pane changes depending on the type of object you have selected, such as pictures, shapes, tables and so on.

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