Formatting text, lists and paragraphs

Modify Text Properties

This feature allows you to choose different fonts and define their characteristics to modify the text to enhance the appearance of your documents.


You can choose the font type, size, and other effects, such as bold, underline, and superscript.

Change a font

To change a font:
  1. Select the text that you want to change its font.
  2. Click Format-Font Name and select the font you want to apply.
    Or select the font by clicking font.png  on the toolbar.
To modify text properties:
  1. Select the text to be modified.
  2. Click the desired properties on the properties menu font_properties.png on the toolbar or click the desired one on the Format menu.


List Style

Inserts or deletes the bullets or numbering at the beginning of the selected paragraphs or the paragraph where the cursor is positioned.


Bullets and Numbering are useful for arranging and classifying multiple items.

Add numbers to a list

To add numbers to the selected paragraph:
    1. Position the mouse cursor on the text or select the paragraphs you wish to apply the numberings to.
    2. Click Format-List Style.
    3. Select the desired number.




Add bullets to a list

To add bullets to the selected paragraph:
    1. Position the mouse cursor on the text or select the paragraphs you wish to apply the bullets to.
    2. Click Format-List Style.
    3. Select the desired bullet.



To promote or demote the numbered list, click the Increase Indent increase_indent_icon.pngor Decrease Indent decrease_indent_icon.pngicon on the toolbar.


Modify Paragraph Properties

You can greatly improve the organization and readability of your documents by applying paragraph formatting.


You can specify alignment and spacing.

Modify paragraph properties

To modify paragraph properties:
  1. Select the paragraph to be modified.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • To modify paragraph alignment, click Format-Alignment and then click one of the alignments you wish to apply to the paragraph.
    • To change the line spacing of the paragraph, click Format-Line Spacing and select the value of line spacing from the list.


Paragraph Style

Sets indentation or applies the existing style to the selected text or paragraph.


A Style refers to a set of pre-configured font and/or paragraph properties that you can apply to the selected target. You can set the font, size, and effect of the content within the current document as well as the left/right indentation and the alignment method. You can apply different properties to the particular text or paragraphs at once.

To apply the existing style to text or paragraph:
  1. Place a mouse cursor on the location where you want to apply formatting.
  2. Click Format-Paragraph Style and then select the desired style from the list. The selected formatting is applied to the selection.



You can increase or decrease indents of the selected paragraph.

Set indentation

To specify indent or outdent:
  1. Select a paragraph to modify its indentation.
  2. Click the Format menu.
  3. Select Increase Indent or Decrease Indent.
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