Feature Compatibility

Which file formats are supported?

The file formats listed in the table below are supported.




OOXML word processor document(*.docx)
Binary word processor document(*.doc)
MS Office templates (*.dot, *.dotx)


OOXML spreadsheet document(*.xlsx)
Binary spreadsheet document(*.xls)


OOXML presentation document(*.pptx)
Binary presentation document(*.ppt)


Can I edit files that were created originally with MS Office?

Yes, you can open and edit documents created in MS Office in Hancom Office Online. However, some features may not be supported while editing online.

Can I copy and paste content from MS Office desktop version?

Yes, content can be copy and pasted from MS Office desktop to Hancom Office Online but due to the limitations of the web browser, it's not possible to retain 100% fidelity with the original content.

Will I be able to share documents created with Hancom Office Online with others using an installed version of MS Office?

Yes, you can share documents created in Hancom Office Online with other MS Office users. Hancom Office Online saves the documents in the same MS Office file formats (i.e. docx, xlsx, pptx).

What happens if I load and edit a spreadsheet with unsupported formulas?

For unsupported functions, the formula result is not displayed correctly. But when you save the spreadsheet, the original formula is still maintained.

My Smart Art is shown but I can't edit it.  Will I lose the ability to edit the Smart Art content after I save my changes to other parts of my presentation?

Although Hancom Office Show Online renders SmartArt objects, they cannot be edited.  Furthermore, Hancom Office Show Online maintains the original SmartArt objects that can be edited in other offline applications.

What happens if I load and edit a presentation with unsupported objects or features?

Hancom Office Show Online renders unsupported objects (ie. SmartArt, Chart and OLE, etc.) that cannot be edited. Furthermore, Hancom Office Show Online maintains the unsupported object properties even if you edit other parts of the presentation.

If I open a document that contains an unsupported object, is there a chance my data will be lost after I edit and save the document?

If a document contains any unsupported objects, Hancom Office Online will open the document in Viewer mode to avoid any chance of data loss.

I'm editing a document that contains placeholders for objects that are not fully supported (e.g. formula or Smart Art), is there any chance that my data will be lost after I save my changes?

Certain unsupported objects may be displayed as images or placeholders by Hancom Office Online to allow you to continue to edit the document while making sure that the original unsupported content is safely maintained.

Can I open files created using older versions of MS Office (e.g.  2007)?

Hancom Office Online can open a document created with MS Office 2007 for editing, but the initial loading time may take longer than usual.

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