Thinkfree Office Cell Limitations

Text formatting will be applied to entire cell text content and not only selected text within a cell. 

Currently, text formatting (e.g. font, font size, font color, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough etc.) will apply to all text within a cell. It is not possible to apply text formatting selectively within a cell. If you open an existing file with varying text formatting within a cell then Thinkfree will only show the default format.

MS Excel:  


Thinkfree Office Cell:



If you do not edit this cell then all formatting will be maintained after you save.  However, if you edit this cell, then the formatting will be changed to the default one only as shown above.

Cell styling after row 100 and column Z will not be saved unless the cells contain text or data input

Due to performance considerations, if cells do not contain any text or data input, the applied cell style after row 100 and column Z will not be saved.  If a cell contains data, then the nearest 10 rows and columns will also maintain their style.

Zoom setting warning message appears on certain OS and browser zoom settings
If the Windows display setting or browser zoom setting is not set at 100%, a warning message will appear.  However, Thinkfree Office Cell cannot detect the browser zoom setting properly in Mac Safari or on the Mac OS.
Can't display "####..." when cell content exceeds the cell width.
Usually in MS Office, if the content width is more than the cell width then "####..." is displayed. However, in Thinkfree Office Cell, the cell would display the full content instead of showing "####...".
A warning message is displayed when opening a spreadsheet that exceeds the following limitations.

- Maximum number of total cells: 5,000,000

- Maximum number of cells in a sheet: 3,000,000

- Maximum number of recalculations of conditional format: 100,000

An alert message is displayed when a spreadsheet exceeds the maximum number of recalculations. (Allow editing)

The maximum number of recalculations is 4,000.

A decimal value is fully shown even if it the cell width

Instead of showing only the decimal value that fits into the cell width, Thinkfree Office Cell shows the whole decimal value even if it exceeds the cell width.

Cannot copy & paste over 600 cells at the same time.

The actual cell limit is around 600 but it can vary depending on the number of empty cells or the text format, etc.

Text of chart title or axis title appear truncated or small

The text of the chart title or axis title appears truncated or very small if the chart size is adjusted.

An alert is displayed when attempting to add a column beyond the maximum allowed

The maximum number of columns allowed is as follows.

IE browser: 30 columns (to column AD)

Other browsers: 520 columns


Note that when adding multiple columns, only the columns up to the maximum allowed will be added.

Ctrl-A keyboard shortcut only affects cells that are visibly rendered on the screen

Due to performance considerations, Ctrl-A only selects cells that are visibly rendered on the screen and not the entire spreadsheet.

A warning message displays when deleting a spreadsheet column that contains over 5,000 rows

Performance is degraded when trying to delete a column with over 5,000 rows.

Limit of up to 30,000 characters in a single cell.

A warning message displays when trying to insert content containing more than 30,000 characters into a single cell.

Charts are limit of up to 100 rows and 100 columns.

A warning message displays when trying to create a chart with more than 100 rows or 100 columns.

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