Thinkfree Office Word Limitations

Auto font color Since font color is implemented with matching CSS colors, the "automatic" font color is not supported. If the font color is set to automatic, the editor will display with "black" color instead. However, the original underlying font color property value will not be affected and will be maintained as "automatic".
Zoom button The zoom button is disabled in FireFox due to a browser issue that prevents the zoom function from working properly.
Undo/redo in co-author mode Due to potential collaboration conflicts, the undo/redo button is disabled in co-authoring mode.
Cell merge feature in co-author mode The cell merge feature is disabled in collaboration mode.  Cell merge is available only in single editor mode.
Compound characters in collaboration mode with IE11 When co-authoring using IE11, compound characters (e.g. Chinese or Japanese characters) can be broken. 
Equations A placeholder image is displayed instead of the actual Equation in documents. However, it is safe to edit the document because the Equation content is maintained upon saving. 
Pagination (English) In English documents, wrapped text across different pages can be broken. Within a single page, the wrapped text is handled properly. 
Page Up/Down, Home/End Keyboard Shortcuts Thinkfree Office Word doesn't support the keyboard shortcuts for PgUp/PgDn, Home/End.
Browser minimum font size It is not possible to reduce the font size below the browser's minimum font size setting.
Multiple-selection of images and shapes It is not possible to select multiple images or images and shapes at the same time. Selecting multiple shapes is fine.
Copy & paste of multi-selected image and text It is not possible to copy and paste multiple images or images and shapes at the same time.
Copy & paste content size limit Copy & pasted content into the editor is limited to 20,000 characters or less.
Copy & paste list content from MS Word desktop is limited Copied content from MS Word desktop only includes the indentation information. The list property is not supported currently due to limitations of the HTML clipboard.
Copy & paste options are limited Behavior is the same with Word when there's a paragraph style (e.g. Header 3), Copy/Paste some text that has a paragraph style will respect the format of the content on the target line. Other paste options in MS Office desktop such as "Keep Source Formatting" and "Keep Text only" are not currently supported.
Copy & paste into table cell selection area unavailable Copy and paste into a selected area is not allowed for now. However, user can paste content by selecting a specific cell as a start point (instead of a selected area).
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